MC STAN Unknown Facts, Real Name, Girlfriends, NetWorth | MC STAN FIGHT WITH EMIWAY EXLPLAINED

 So, friends, you would not have known MC STAN until two to three years ago, because before that he was not much in the headlines, he used to live underground and used to release songs from time to time through his YouTube channel. But friends, do you know that there are some interesting facts about MC Stan which you might not know and after knowing which you will get a lot of information, so through this post we will talk about MC Stan from basic to every aspect. Will know the things that his loved ones should know and now let's start this article.

MC STAN Unknown Facts Real Name

MC STAN Unknown Facts Real Name


So, Guys, Bigg Boss famed artist MC Stan was an underground hip hop artist or rapper from India before Bigg Boss and is still a rapper, MC Stan's real name is Altaf Sheikh. He was born in Pune Maharashtra; his date of birth is 30 August 1999, and he belongs to Islam religion, and he is not married yet. MC Stan loves rapping and singing in Marathi and has used Marathi words in many of his songs. MC Stan participated in the 16th season of Big Boss and won that competition. MC Stan spent 133 days in Big Boss and won the final of Big Boss on February 12 and won Rs 31.80 lakh and a car.


Popular songs of MC Stan include Wata (2018), Khuja Mat (2019) Trippin, Lowkey (2019), Tadipar (2020), Ek Din Pyaar (2021), Basti Ka Hasti (2022) etc.

In 2022, MC Stan's second album Insaan was released.

MC Stan himself says that he wants to become an International Music Artist and wants to make Hindi a global language through his music and singing. He had said so in an interview. He considers Hindi as his mother tongue. Talking about his personal career, he started music at the age of 12 through Qawwali etc. Raftaar, who is a famous rapper of India, MC Stan has also worked on stage with him, talking about his first song, there is a lot of difference of opinion among people, people say that Wata is his first song, but it is not true even before Wata. Many songs of MC Stan were available.


Now we will tell you some such things related to MC Stan, which you might not know, such as when MC Stan had a fight with a singer and his fight with his old girlfriend, etc. 

So, MC Stan had a dispute with EMIWAY in 2018 that EMIWAY released a diss track against Indian rappers Raftaar MC Stan and DIVINE in which MC Stan was made fun of.then MC Stan released his songs Wata and  Khuja mat  in which EMIWAY was given a befitting reply.

 before that one day when MC Stan was performing in a street show EMIWAY was also present there then MC Stan felt that EMIWAY was trying to make fun of his hair And making fun of style thats where the fight between emiway and MC STAN Started From


MC Stan's dispute with his girlfriend AZUMA SHEIKH is such that when MC Stan had a breakup with his girlfriend Azuma in 2022, MC had shared Azuma's personal address on social media, then when people had that address Azuma started getting threats from mc stan followers. they even threatened to rape.

Earlier also MC Stan had a girlfriend who released diss track to Emiway Bantai


Now let's talk about how much money MC Stan has, so, MC Stan has his own customized diamond chain named Hindi, which costs 1.5 crores, He likes to show it off.

After this MC stan also have a 60-carat diamond chain made of Rupee logo

MC Stan's total net worth is said to be $3 million.


MC STAN also have some songs released which his new fans might be unaware of. yes, you heard it right he deleted these songs from his official handles like YouTube etc because those songs had foul language used in them. and he was compelled to take down those songs so now let us tell you some of the songs name. 

Songs Name - TRIPPIN (MC STAN AND MC THC) this was the song which mc stan sung while collaborating with MC THC an Another underground rapper with later mc stan had with.
another song name is SAMAJ MERI BAAT KO which was a DISS TRACK to EMIWAY BANTAI

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