Hollywood Most Sexy Shows And Movies That You Should Watch

So, Guys today in this post we will discuss about most badass and content and story-oriented shows and movies from Hollywood as you guys know that now days everyone like to view best class quality content with some spice of boldness as well. so, most people nowadays have started to prefer OTT Platforms Over Watching Them in tv or theatre. so, we in this post as well will suggest you most of the content which is also available on OTT platform too. so, we will discuss about some adult movies as well which gives you glimpse of some boldness as well so let us start now and tell you about some good content. below is the list of some great shows and movies to watch.

    Best Hollywood Shows

    Best Hollywood Shows


    So first of all, we will start with some really bold and erotic shows list that will amaze you with its boldness. 


    So here our list starts with the 365Days Franchise of Netflix. 365 is basically a movie that have 2 sequels till date. first movie name originally is 365Days And Another 2 Sequels Name Is 365 Days This Day and The Next 365 Days. 365 Days was released on 7 February 2020 Its a Polish Netflix movie with unimaginable level of boldness in it and it will give you a great experience if you're looking for a movie that depicts romance and lovemaking.

    More About 365 Days Franchise - 365 Days This Days Was Released On 27 April 2022 and The Next 365Days On August 19, 2022


    Best Hollywood Shows

    The next on our list is Maite Perroni Staring Dark Desire Which is a Mexican erotic thriller drama television show or series Along with Boldness This Series Gives You Decent level of entertainment as well. it has total 33 episodes with 2 seasons. the show original language is Spanish. you guys can give this show a shot if you are looking for erotic show compiled with entertaining story. Maite Perroni will drive you crazy every scene she is in.


    here comes another Netflix show named White Lines Which Is a British-Spanish thriller and mystery drama show created by Alex Pina Who Also Created Famous Shows Like Money Heist. so the show white line is filled with so much luxurious and lovemaking life persons. it was released on 15 May 2020 on Netflix and Available in English And other Multiple languages.

    basic story - the show revolves around a girl named Zoe Walker Whose brother is found dead he was missing for 20 years and now finally when she found him it's not him but his corpses. she then decide to know what happened with her brother and starts investigating on her own. it's an interesting story to give a shot.


    though, most of you guys must be familiar with this title but I had to include it since it's so popular now so another show you can watch is this and it has total of 3 Seasons With 24 Episodes In it and Its Original country is UK. available on Netflix.


    Best Hollywood Shows
    Pen Badgely

    Here comes Penn Badgely Starrer Netflix Original Psychological thriller series YOU this series is based on two novels by Caroline Kepnes. and let me tell you friends' this is a mind-blowing psycho thriller show ever created in history. because here in the series they show you almost everything from the main character POV means the psycho perspective like how a psycho thinks how he keep talking to himself every moment and how he convinces himself of guilt and all. 
    so if you are looking for psyche thrill along with boldness yes guys you heard it right it has so much erotic scenes in it too. so, it's a definitely watch show.

    SE* LIFE 

    So this one is so far the boldest show on Netflix in previous 4 years because no show had as much nudity as this show have. its an American Drama Tv Series available on Netflix. the show is inspired by novel named 44 Chapters About 4 Men By BB Easton. the show stars Sarah Shahi in It and have total of 2 seasons with 14 episodes with English language. and the only reason for which you can watch this is boldness and Love-Making.


    So, the next show we have come up with in this List Is Sky Rojo. It's a Spanish Black Conedy Drama Show Created by Alex Pina Released on Netflix with 3 Seasons And 24 Episodes. Season 1 Released on19 March 2021 Season 2 23 July 2021 and Season 3 13 January 2023. Available In English as Well


    Best Hollywood Shows

    Behind her eyes is a thriller British tv series released on Netflix starring eve Hewson, tom Bateman and Simona brown. this show got good response from viewers and shocked everybody with the climax. original release date is 17 FEB 2021.


    another amazing Netflix show which very less people are familiar with is The Naked Director Japanese Semi Biographical Comedy Drama Show it's based on a novel By Nobuhiro Motohashi. and this show was released on august 8, 2019 with season one and season two was released on June 24, 2021

    let me warn you that don't dare to watch this with your family it has so much nudity in It. 


    Now We Think that we told you enough of shows and web series so let us start with Some Interesting and romantic lovemaking level of movies list.


    Now I know that most of you must be familiar with this name, but it was must to add this movie in the first because it's an Evergreen Hollywood Movie or Content. So basic instinct 1 and Basic Instinct2 both Must watch for you guys if you guys are looking for some really good psycho and erotic movie this is the must pick for you. It's really famous Hollywood movie with every limit crossed in boldness.


    2017 The Babysitter is also a good pick to watch. its an American teen black comedy horror film with some occult activities in it. it follows a 12-year-old boy (Cole) who feels lonely then he falls in love with his babysitter (Bee). the film was originally released on 13 OCT 2017. sequel was also created of The Babysitter Named The Babysitter: Killer Queen.


    No Limit Is Netflix 2022 movie with good lovemaking scene and it's based on true story this movie was released on 09 SEP 2022 on Netflix.

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